Mini Anti-Tracker Cigarette Lighter GPSL1 Jammer

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This Mini Anti-Tracker GPS Jammer is designed to disturb reception of GPS position signals, blocking all GPS signals to GPS tracker and navigation systems. It can be easily plugged into car cigarette lighter and go directly fed to 12V.

Blocking the commonly used GPS devices(navigators/GPS trackers/pagers/any other device containing a GPS receiver) = Granting you the privacy you eager for!


Blocking Frequency: GPS L1 (1500 MHz-1600 MHz)
Jamming Radius: Up to 5 Meters in ideal conditions
Working Power: 21dbm
Specification of fuse: 10A
Power Supply: DC12V - car cigarette lighter plug for 12V car
Size:95x20x20mm (not including antenna)
Weight: 0.120kg
Cooling: integrated copper heatsink
Antenna: Omnidirectional antenna
Package Type: Paper Box

Package Contents:

  • Mini Anti-Tracker GPS Jammer x 1
  • Antenna x 1
  • Replancement fuse x 2



It is ideal device for me!

I drive a lorry, and for a day I have to wind up more than one thousand kilometers. Since my boss is strict, it's natural that a GPS tracker is installed in the car, according to which the boss can track every movement I take. As a consequence I cannot normally rest on the road. I decided to cheat a little and bought an inexpensive GPS jamming device. It is inserted into the cigarette lighter and able to block within a radius of around 5 meters the operation of any satellite networks. At any time, I can turn on and off the device, so that no one could suspect anything. Now at least I can fully rest on the road without constant monitoring.

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Mini Anti-Tracker Cigarette Lighter GPSL1 Jammer

Mini Anti-Tracker Cigarette Lighter GPSL1 Jammer